We love to see our guests having the time of their lives, so be sure to tag us on Social Media [@meledestinations] throughout your stay.

If you’d like to enter our Upload & Win Competition, here are some deets you’ll
need to pay attention to:

Upload photos and videos of your Melé experience, from beginning to end and
you can be a winner in 1 of 2 categories:
1. The best content uploads
2. The most content uploads

• Your all-inclusive stay – PAID IN FULL – at the next Melé Destinations
• A TRIBE Carnival 2023 Costume

NOTE: You MUST include your name in the “Add a message to your transfer” field when uploading your content, otherwise we won’t know it’s yours and the submission won’t count!

Deadline: Monday May 16th, 2022

Disclaimer: By uploading / submitting media to this competition, you hereby give TRIBE / TMR Ltd. permission to use your media and likeness in all future advertising and promotions.


Upload as many photos & videos as you’d like at www.meledestinations.com/media/

Deadline: Monday May 16th, 2022


Here some useful footage ideas:

  • Introduce yourself and tell us how you feel about attending Melé.
  • Show us where you’re coming from, your trip and your arrival to Melé
  • Film your first reactions when you see the resort, your Suite and the installations.
  • Give a tour/review of your room.
  • Show us how you are getting ready in your Suite (Tik Tok style videos) like a video of you before you get ready, then a video of after you are ready and dancing, laughing, ready to have a time!
  • Show us footage of you having meals at the restaurant. Review the food.
  • Provide footage of you having fun at the events and dancing with friends.
  • Action shots like an epic jump in the pool, activities, work out classes, etc.
  • Show us your last day, your goodbye to Melé and tell us if you are coming back next year.

    How to shoot?

    • Record yourself in horizontal, landscape mode (not vertical).
    • Ensure that your lenses are clean always.
    • Use the highest quality setting available on your device (4k recommended if available).
    • Do not use digital zoom.
    • Use a well-lit room or area when recording yourself. Don’t stand with a window or source of light behind you. It is always better if the source of light is in front you.
    • Ensure that the camera is at eye level when filming.
    • When talking to the camera or recording sound use a quiet place this is important to have good audio.
    • Try to keep the camera steady.
    • Look into the camera lens, rather than looking at the picture of yourself on the phone.
    • Send the original files in highest quality (not compressed) and not on WhatsApp.
    • Have fun!

    Terms & Conditions

    1. This competition is only open to persons aged 18 and older.

    2. By uploading a photo/video, you grant TMR Ltd and its assignees a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive license to use your name, likeness, and personal features for advertising purposes.

    3. By uploading an image or video, you assign the copyright in the photo/video to TMR Ltd. Where you did not take the photo/video, you represent that you have obtained authorisation from the photographer/videographer to upload, AND that the photographer/videographer assigns copyright to TMR Ltd by virtue of authorising the upload.

    4. Where other people are featured in the photo/video, you must obtain consent to the terms above before upload. All persons featured will be bound by these terms. NO persons under aged 18 can be featured in the photo/video.

    5. The uploader indemnifies TMR Ltd and its assignees from any claims brought by any individuals featured in the photo/video arising in law that result from the use of the uploaded photo/video.

    6. Failure to comply with these terms will result from disqualification of the competition.



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