Melé Cruise 2023 Update 

In 2019, Melé was launched as a carnival themed Cruise with a mission to set sail in 2020. Excitement for this alternative Carnival travel experience were high, and the Cruise was almost sold out in the pre-booking stage of registration, but with the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, Melé’s 1st sailing would have to be postponed. Like the rest of the world, the Melé Team pivoted and introduced a new offering that would help our Melé Crew dance their stress away 🎶 – Melé Destinations, Cancun Carnival was born; an all-inclusive, 5 day, 4 night, on-land experience featuring Trinidad & Tobago Mas in Mexico.

Anyone that joined us in Cancun Mexico knows that THE MOST E.P.I.C. time was had. So much so, the demand for ON THE SPOT sign-ups after our 5 days had ended was through the roof for the next edition of Melé Destinations. The Melé Team immediately knew we had to return to Cancun in 2023 for Round 2.

So, for 2023, we gave our Crew 2 options: Melé Destinations Cancun Carnival and Melé Destinations Cruise. We’ve wanted to​ cruise with our Crew s​ince 2020. We were READY and others were too! BUT, the overwhelming call for Cancun Carnival was loud, and it was clear. 

A Difficult Decision

For that reason, we’ve made the difficult decision not to set sail in April and sadly, there will be no Melé Cruise in 2023. Cancun Carnival will be the only Melé Destinations event for 2023.

We know this may be as disappointing to many as it is for us because we’ve always wanted to cruise with our Melé Crew. But, if it’s 1 thing you should know about th​is​ Melé team, it’s that we listen to our Melé Crew​,​ and they have spoken. Cruising in large numbers still feels unsafe to many of you, and your comfort is priority. 

Melé Destinations: Cancun Carnival

The team is now ​re​focusing all our energies on ​Cancun Carnival – the only Mel​é​ Destination for 2023 – ​FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Melé Cancun is ON and it’s guaranteed to​ be even ​BIGGER and ​BETTER than before! For those who joined us in 2022 or have heard about our experience, you KNOW ​you can’t miss​ this​​!​ #NOFOMO​NEXTYEAR

A FULL Refund

Persons who pre-booked Melé Cruise have the special opportunity to be among the FIRST​​ to book a spot ​​for Melé Cancun Carnival – the destination fetecation OF THE YEAR. ​ALL funds paid towards ​Melé Cruise ​will be transferred ​to Cancun.

Should there be any reason ​a pre-booked Cruise passenger cannot ​meet us in ​Mexico, they will be refunded ​IN ​FULL for ​ALL payments made towards the Cruise. If you’re reading this and you’re a pre-booked Cruiser, you should have received an email from us, so look our for it. But if you didn’t receive it, please email us letting us know if you’d like to be refunded or if you’ll be meeting us #indMelé for Melé Destinations Cancun Carnival, 2023! You can reach us at 🧡