Ground Transport

Ground Transport


For your departure, an Airport transfer will also be provided and will pick you up at the Resort.

The shuttle schedule for Monday 2nd May is below. Please check your flight departure time to see the corresponding shuttle time.

Note that shuttles leaving between 7am and 3pm leave from the Arena. Shuttles outside of those hours leave from the Sunrise Lobby.

Please ensure your luggage is loaded onto the shuttle and that you receive all your luggage at the airport.

Safe travels!


If you submitted your flight details via the form on our website or via email BEFORE APRIL 20TH, we’ll pick you up!

If you did not submit your flight details and are arriving on THURSDAY 28TH APRIL, we’ll pick you up!

If you did not submit your flight details and are not arriving on Thursday 28th April, unfortunately we can no longer arrange your transportation. Taxis are available at the airport of you can email to request pre-arranged groud transportation.


You will be picked up by our transportation partner, EDGE, at the Airport to transfer you to Moon Palace Cancun.  

Please exit the airport terminal and look for uniformed personnel holding a ‘MELÉ’ sign. You can inform them that a transfer has been pre-arranged for you. They will assist you with your luggage and take you to your transport. 


If you did not submit your flight information to our Team, you can board any shuttle on Thursday 28th April, 2022, or a departing shutting on Monday 2nd May, 2022.

If you are travelling on other dates and did not inform us, you will be required to arrange your own airport transfers, as our team will not be on site outside of the dates above.

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