Cancun, Mexico | Apr.28 - May 02, 2022



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7. If all invoices are not paid in full by March 31st, 2022, customers’ bookings will be cancelled in accordance with the cancellation penalties outlined below.



If Melé Destinations – Cancun is postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, you can retain your reservation and it will be honored for the rescheduled dates.

Cancellation requests for any other reason should be sent to our support email You will be issued a Refund form via email. You must fill out this form to complete your cancellation request.

All refunds will be made to the original form of payment used for the purchase, i.e. if you paid by credit card, the refund will be issued to your credit card used at the time of purchase. Please note your bank may take up to 7 days to post the credit to your account.

Refunds are processed 7 – 10 working days from the day the Refund Form is received, providing all the necessary information to process your refund is accurately completed on the Refund form. 

Refunds are subject to cancellation penalties outlined below.



1. Cancellation requests received 181 days or more before the package start date i.e. on or before October 29th, 2021 may cancel and receive a refund of the amount paid towards the package less a penalty of $100 for administration and processing.

2. Cancellation requests received between 61-180 days before the package start date i.e. between October 30th, 2021 and February 26th, 2022 may cancel and receive a refund of up to 50% of the price of the package booked.

For instance, if you booked a package valued at $3,000 and paid $2,250 (75%) then you would be entitled to a refund of $1,500 (50%). However, if you only completed payments of $600 (20%) then you will not be entitled to any refund.

3. Cancellation requests received 60 days or less before the package start date i.e. on or after February 27th, 2022, your booking is considered non-refundable, meaning you won’t get your money back if you cancel.